ed. Bailey Cohen-Vera

Victoria Mbabazi

Victoria Mbabazi’s work can be found in several literary magazines including Rejection Letters, Minola Review and No Contact Mag. Their chapbook “chapbook” is available with Anstruther Press and their double chapbook “FLIP” is available with Knife Fork Books. They’re currently living in Brooklyn, New York.


Ass found poem
a creature big as a two planets it’s nasty
it made Becky gay got Jayz seeing angel
numbers and rockets and waterfalls

it got thirty two flavours raspberry
grape cherry I don’t think you’re ready for it
ass is colossal flip it and reverse it eat it

like groceries say it taste like a grapefruit
and move like jelly come on bring out
the romaine toss the salad say you love mee

eeeeeee and my booty I’ll shake it
like a pom pom in my apple bottom
jeans surgical booty he wanna know how

I got that ass like that I said new body
who this he love to watch me leave
watch it go bubble bubble wobble d

wobble wop come on check on it dip it
pop it I’ll back that ass up I got a big
ole butt call me bottom enby I’ll make it

boomerang ass got you sprung got Sisquo
doing four part harmonies about floss watch me
bend it over and dance dance dance dance